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Alex Young

Project Manager

“SpanChem solves our client's toughest chemical cleaning challenges by providing unmatched services in chemical cleaning, de-contamination, Oil flushing and Hydro Jetting cleaning.”

Our Goal

Chemical Cleaning essentially being a service based activity largely depends on the skill of the people who execute the job. Over the past 25 years our people have achieved an enviable skill level in the areas of process selection, loop geometry design, controlling of cleaning chemistry and passivation /preservation techniques. Besides this they are trained in the safe handling of chemicals & equipment used in chemical cleaning with a special emphasis on ensuring that client equipment is not damaged during chemical cleaning. Our people in the field are supported by an efficient maintenance team that ensures that all rotating and pumping equipment are kept in good working condition. The movement of material to and from site is controlled by an in-house logistics team that liaises with the client directly to ensure proper mobilization/demobilization of equipment and they are backed up by sufficient administrative resources.


We consider the health and safety of each of our employees to be of primary importance. Our objective is to conduct our business in the safest possible manner consistent with the Occupational Health & Safety Act, applicable Regulations and good working practices. Span Chem Technologies recognizes the right of workers to work in a safe and healthy work environment. To this end we constantly educate our workers & supervisory staff on the hazards they might be exposed to during the course of their work and endeavor to provide them with the best PPE support during their work. We follow the dictum - REMEMBER, THINK FIRST, USE COMMON SENSE, AND DON'T TAKE CHANCES.

Our Goal

To deliver In-Time Chemical Cleaning Services of the highest level to our clients by leveraging our skills & resources to achieve a safe and efficient clean.

An ISO Certified Company

We are TUV Rheinland Certified for ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015

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Spanchem Technologies is capable of providing chemical cleaning services across many industries including Refining, Chemical processing, Offshore Rigs, Pulp & Paper, Sugar, Steel & Power.

Our Product Service

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High Pressure Hydro Jet Cleaning Service | Dip cleaning, bath pickling | descaler | descaling chemicals | rust removal | rust remover | degreasing | oil removal | decontamination | hydrocarbon decontamination | stainless steel pickling | stainless steel pickling chemicals | stainless steel passivation | stainless steel pickling gel | Hydraulic line cleaning | hydraulic line oil flushing | hydraulic oil filtration | copper sulphate crystals | diesel tank cleaning | oil tank cleaning | cooler cleaning | condensor cleaning | air compressor cleaning | marine boiler cleaning | marine tank cleaning | rotomole cleaning | stator cleaning | Silent Steam Blowing | Plate Heat Exchanger Cleaning | HRSG Cleaning | Cleaning of Compressor Piping | Cleaning of HP/ VHP Piping | Degreasing of Amine Systems | On-Line Cleaning & Passivation of Cooling Water Piping

Spanchem Technologies
Spanchem Technologies

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