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Engineering / Consultancy

We offer our engineering and consultancy services to chemical cleaning & EPC companies all around the world.

We believe that each of our clients face a unique set of challenges and that their needs can be best met by providing innovative engineering solutions and customised consultancy towards these challenges.

Alex Young

Alex Young


Steam Blowing

Steam lines are blown prior to starting up a new unit to remove any debris, sand, oil, rust etc. that may be remaining in the equipments prior to plant start-up.

Our steam blowing systems are backed by best quality engineering and quality equipment.

During steam blowing, the piping is blown with enough velocity to ensure it will experience sufficient cleaning force for adequate removal of debris and scale. Thus, any potentially damaging particles will be blown out of the piping prior to plant operation. Excellent coordination and logistics, as well as close involvement with other workers, can prevent space and equipment conflicts and the potential need for re-work. Determining pipe sizing and design, pipe routing, steam conditions, noise level, thermal cycling, water quenching, and condensate generation are all factors that - with our proper planning - will ensure a successful steam blow operation.

Chemical Cleaning Descaling

Spanchem Technologies efficiently removes fouling deposits from heat transfer equipment, boilers, and other industrial equipment by circulating chemical solvents under controlled temperature, pressure and time conditions.

Spanchem Technologies leads the industry in pre-operational and operational chemical cleaning with over 15 years of experience. This plays a vital role in assuring that the plant and product specifications will be met at the very outset of facility start-up and throughout the operational cycle. The facility will operate smoothly, efficiently, and on schedule. Troublesome and costly start-up difficulties due to undesirable deposits are eliminated.

We custom engineer each individual chemical cleaning job to provide a complete, high quality cleaning service. We analyze your equipment, processes, and deposits to design a cleaning process to fit your individual plant needs and select the optimal cleaning solvent system.

Alex Young


Alex Young


Degassing & Decontamination

Reducing vessel entry time, providing cleaner systems and operational safety is our goal in decontamination services.

Most elements of refineries and petrochemical plants (columns, vessels, heat exchangers, etc.) build up hydrocarbon deposits over time. The cleaning of these is often less than straightforward requiring decontamination to eliminate hydrogen sulphide, benzene, explosive gases (LEL) and pyrophoric iron sulphides. Whether as part of scheduled maintenance or break fix works, Span Chen Technologies has experience in the chemical cleaning and decontamination of such elements and ensures that maintenance teams are swiftly provided with safe access to the plant for the required maintenance operations.

Oil Flushing

We offer complete customized solutions for chemical cleaning and take on turnkey jobs to carry our chemical cleaning at client locations.

We clean everything from simple condensers to complex Amine, Steam, Compressor and HRSG systems. Besides this we also offer lube oil flushing services to achieve required NAS values in Hydraulic and Turbine Oil Systems.

Spanchem Technologies carries out Oil Flushing with its own Oil Flushing Skids consisting of external pumps (gear/ centrifugal), beta-rated cartridge filters, heated break tanks and NAS value counters. Oil flushes to the piping system at 3 to 6 times its normal flow rate. This high volume of oil removes scale and particulate from the piping that is trapped in the filter. Thermal shocks greatly enhance the process and achieve NAS values quicker than normal flushing equipment. In most cases a pre-operational pickling of the piping is carried out to ensure cleaner systems.

Alex Young


Alex Young


Hydro Jetting / Hydro Milling

We specialize in providing hydro jetting services using high pressure jetting units to supplement our chemical cleaning services.

Hydro milling has been widely used in industrial cleaning and pre-commissioning applications for the removal of hard deposits from steam, lube oil, compressor, and process line systems, as well as tube bundles and vessels. It is recommended especially in the case of large diameter piping (>24") offering significant savings in utilities and waste disposal as compared to chemical cleaning. In order to help preserve the long-term integrity of these process piping systems, hydro-milling can be used to remove all undesirable foreign contaminants and particulate matter.

Tank Cleaning

We employ automated, non-man entry tank cleaning and oil recovery solutions designed for optimum health, safety and environmental performance. Our systems clean above ground oil storage tanks and recover waste oil in a safe and efficient way.

Whether it's outine maintenance to remove solids and sludge, decontamination measures, tank renovation, or the demolition and decommissioning of a tank, trained personnel perform the storage tank cleaning. It covers :

Alex Young


Alex Young


Air Blowing

Air blowing is a varied process by which compressed air is utilized as a cleaning medium to remove construction debris, loose rust, liquids, and other contaminants from process piping.

Spanchem Technologies utilizes specializes equipment necessary to correctly perform air blows of various plant piping systems as well as air blowing of steam generating equipment. Piping systems which do not require high levels of cleanliness typically associated with steam blowing and chemical cleaning can effectively be cleaned by air blowing processes. Gross construction debris, sand and dirt are able to be transported out of the system and safely into one of our silencers/debris separators while causing minimal disruption to ongoing work activities.

Refinery Decontamination

In petroleum refineries, distillation and storage equipment frequently needs to be inspected during turnarounds. Necessary cleaning procedures can require several weeks of downtime if storage tanks, distillation columns, product lines and heat exchangers have to be drained.

The presence of volatile hydrocarbons and hydrogen sulfide gas as well as deposits of pyrophoric iron and other fouling material can be particularly problematic and have to be removed before any attempt at vessel entry.

Alex Young


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Spanchem Technologies is capable of providing chemical cleaning services across many industries including Refining, Chemical processing, Offshore Rigs, Pulp & Paper, Sugar, Steel & Power.

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